If You’re Healthy, You’re Wealthy!

If you’re HEALTHY, you’re WEALTHY !

I agree that if a person is healthy, then he is wealthy. After all, having zero trips to the doc in a year means zero medical costs and more savings.

I’m proud to say I’m HEALTHY and WEALTHY. And definitely WISE. My eight photos below were taken a decade ago: 2012. I used to be plump, with long and wavy hair, but surely cute and gorgeous.

Fast forward to today, Friday, May 27, 2022: I’m not plump anymore, with boy’s hairstyle, but still cute and gorgeous. I’m very health-conscious now, more than when I was younger. After all, I am terrified to get serious diseases like diabetes, major cancers, hypertension, kidney or renal failure, stroke, heart attack, and so forth.

I spoke to my Dad a couple of years ago about how expensive healthful foods are. He said that these nutriments are not expensive at all. After all, all I need to pay for are the foods and when I regularly eat them, I’ll have zero medicine and doctor consultation costs to pay for. My Dad made perfect sense.

My parents and whole family are HEALTHY and WEALTHY. I’m happy they are also VERY WISE. After all, getting seriously ill can be draining financially, emotionally, physically — and we surely don’t want that! We’re a family of PERFECTIONISTS. I’m a structured young lady. My family wants things always in place, in order, spic and span! We want everything always well in our universe!

Anyway, I also want to upload this YouTube video of Tony Bennett and his song I love “Put on a Happy Face.” It’s so New York-y (the New York City long before the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic):

Anyway, here are my eight photos taken when I was still plump back in 2012:

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Sheena circa 2012 (Image 1 of 8)
Perfect Sheena circa 2012 (Image 2 of 8)
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Sheena circa 2012 (Image 3 of 8)
Sheena The Perfect (Image 4 of 8)
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Sheena circa 2012 (Image 5 of 8)
Sheena The Perfect (Image 6 of 8)
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Sheena circa 2012 (Image 7 of 8)
Sheena The Perfect (Image 8 of 8)



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